Virginia Beach Home Loans: Well thought out articles or blogs on the fly; which sell better?

Well thought out articles or blogs on the fly; which sell better?


I am guessing that a carefully planned and well written article will pull better than a blog that someone writes on the fly. I write most of my blogs on the fly... and I have met with success. I have definitely extracted business from the web via my current style of blogging. I will definitely continue this style of blogging but I may change it up on my personally owned blogs.

AR is AR and I am here more for the business to business relationship that I have developed and to learn from other seasoned professionals. It is a bonus that many individual people find my articles here and contact me for business.

I am putting up a blog that will be located on my website when I take the site live. I love to just think up a post as I am writing it, but I think for my business blog I am going to actually write them as though I am writing an essay that will be graded.

I will keep my language simple enough that you will not need to be a trained mortgage professional to read and understand but I think that if I actually take the time to write my articles that they will kick back a bigger return... Especially on my own personally owned blogs.


Have any of you experiemented with both? Have you tried writing "freehand" blogs on one blog format and carefully orchestrated articles on another? I am curious about this... I will be putting this into motion myself soon and I will write my results here on AR. In the meantime I would love to hear of any experiences that any of you may have had with regard to a change in writing style and a direct increase or decrease in your business.


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Comment balloon 6 commentsChristopher Ohlsen • May 12 2008 02:20PM


I think there is room for both.  Blogging is all about the "conversational" tone.  Blogging on the fly tends to be very conversational.  But when you are giving advice, pointing people to resources - or analyzing a market- you definitely need to do research.  I tend to do both.  Sometimes it helps to write a blog on the fly and save it as a draft.  Tweak it over the next couple days- then post it. 

Posted by Bo Buchanan, Directory, For Real Estate Pronulls ( about 11 years ago

Bo - Yeah I agree that blogging on the fly is very conversational. I do sometimes do a little bit of research to write a blog but rarely. I doubt that I will ever stop this kind of free handed blogging because I genuinely enjoy the conversations that I have... Especially here on AR. Still, I think that I will also start writing some nicely edited articles as well.

Kristi - That is so very true... I find myself starting out in one direction planning on making a particular point and very often I will end up someplace else having made a different point than I set out to make. I definitely enjoy this type of blogging as I mentioned about but I think that I may be well served to keep a mixed ratio on my business blog. Maybe 75% refined articles and 25% to show that I am human as well...

Thanks for the comments guys. I am definitely interested in hearing from more of you who may have actually felt an impact in your business one way or another depending on how you blog.

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago

Chris:   You pose an interesting question.  I find that I do quite a bit of research on some of my blogs,   I've learned to save my blogs as a draft before I post them.  Always good to go back and read them one more time.

Posted by Kathy Torline, Colorado Springs Real Estate Blog 719-287-1049 (ERA Herman Group Real Estate) about 11 years ago

Kathy - I hear that from a lot of people. I do not do it yet but I think that I may adopt the practice. I have lost a few blogs because I wrote the whole thing then the server timed out or my wireless connection flickers. I do a whole lot of blogging on the fly so it will take some getting used to for me to write them in word but I'm sure that it will be worth it. I do not think that I will change the way that I blog on AR but I think that I am going to work on making my blogs that are located on my consumer sites more refined.

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago

You have an advantage in that you right very well. What you post on the fly often reads like what some others post as well thought out blogs. Either written on the fly or well thought out, I expect you will get good results.

Posted by Rosario Lewis, GRI, SRES - DDR Realty - Orange County, NY (DDR Realty) about 11 years ago

Rosario - That is very nice of you, thank you!

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago