Virginia Beach Home Loans: Why buy mortgage leads?

Why buy mortgage leads?


Leads are sold by the dozens to struggling loan officers, many of which are new to the business and just recite what their managers tell them to... Many of them are extremely unprofessional and will say whatever needs to be said to get someone to pay for an appraisal. Many of them just throw "SHIT" against the wall and wait to see what sticks.

I do not want to be stressing myself out about people who believe whatever they are told and want me to slice my FAIR AND HONEST FEE to the bone in order to compete with someone who is quoting them an origination fee, leaving out all third party fees, and lying about the rate.

I have been having much more success lately generating my own leads from the Internet. I generate them by providing good honest information on my websites that people can use to educate themselves and enough lead capture forms strewn about the website so that when someone decides that they are ready to apply they can easily do so over my website.

I have found that the quality of self generated leads far surpasses the quality of purchased leads. First of all they are exclusive (unless you sell them), they are branded to you (prospect has been reading info written by you), and they already have some education about the process (if you are good at getting your point across).

You really could not ask for better leads! And whats more is that if you "GEO-TARGET" your leads you can create a plethora of referrals to send to your favorite agents which will result in reciprocation. I have been generating much of my own business via the web and I am excited to be launching a new network of 26 highly optimized lead generation websites each complete with its own blog!

I personally believe that I will be able to generate roughly 100+ high quality leads per month for myself! That is on top of what I am producing now. I will not be selling any of them, I will just be using them to generate more business for myself and the agents with whom I am partnered! I know that I just used a bunch of exclamation points! but I am very excited to be launching this new network... While I may invest portions of my income to lead generation I will never purchase another lead again!

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Christopher, I'm not a big believer in buying leads at all.  I feel I've got enough marketing out there to do a great job without it.
Posted by Ray Nellum, Fort Smith Real Estate (Envision Real Estate Group, LLC.) about 11 years ago
Ray - I checked out some of the marketing that you do; nice stuff. Working this way, being honest with people... working to educate them, and being there for them when they are ready to move forward is definitely the best way to earn business. send referrals to your colleagues when you have the opportunity to and earn referrals from current and past clients. That is absolutely the way to bring business in! That coupled with a strong web presence and a system that makes you extremely easily accessible makes for a very comfortable income in what is viewed by many as a "down market" while simultaneously making a lot of people very happy. I love this industry! Lets make it a great 2008!
Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago