Virginia Beach Home Loans: My Review of Search Marketing, LLC

My Review of Search Marketing, LLC


As the company refers to itself...

I have a Search Marketing, LLC. blog located at

When I first set up my own blog I was not sure where to go or which platform to use. I looked around for a while until I found I read their claims and I became interested in their "vertical directories".

Their "vertical directories" really do work! They are actually pretty simple in the way that they work... All they really are, are blogs that are set up so that when you post a new entry on your own blog and select a category your post will be added to one of the "moguling" blogs that Search Marketing, LLC. hosts. You can pretty much do the same thing manually by copying a post from one of your blog sites and pasting it to another blog site that you own.

All in all I do like the "vertical directories"...But I am definitely questioning the level of service that Search Marketing, LLC. is providing. I signed up for one of the more simple services that they offer which is just a blog. For an additional cost they offer to have their professional content writers provide the content for my blog... Which is basically letting a bunch of other people write the content for my blog, slapping my name on it, and taking credit for something that I had absolutely no part of in exchange for a fee. I am not interested in "professional content writers"... I just want a blog.

So I chose the least expensive package which is $9.95per month; I began blogging on the site and I was happy. I even posted a couple of posts here about my new blog...

Until one day a couple of weeks ago I noticed an advertisement at the very top of my blog. The advertisement was actually a banner ad suggesting that my readers should click on it and be brought to a "comparison shop" and read something like "up to 4 lenders compete"... Then I saw a "Virgin Money" ad and realized that the banner ad rotates and that all of the ads are competitors; I really felt like this made me look like a sellout... Like I am making an extra buck from Google to advertise things that I do not agree with or believe in. Not only did Search Marketing, LLC begin advertising on my blog they were advertising companies whom I either am competing with or that I despise. I despise comparison shops because unfortunately they encourage LO's to lie because consumers are often times not as well educated on the topic of Real Estate Financingas we are, so many LO's just lie and say whatever that need to say to get people "on board".

I was very upset about the ads so I contacted Search Marketing, LLC. I told them about the problem and I asked them what it is all about. They told me that the ads are new and to reclaim my "ad space" that I would need upgrade my service to $29.95 per month! This really felt to me like I was being strong armed.

I was very disappointed with this service and I went back and forth for a little while with the representative via email. Finally they agreed to remove the ad without charging me 3x more than I initially agreed to pay for the blog.

Now I am reserving my best blogsfor the blog that I will be setting up shortly on my new website that will be launching on the 16th of next month. I do not plan to shut my www.lakecitymtg.netblog down right now.... but if I am ever propositioned like this by this company again I will definitely shut the blog down and focus all of my attention on my other web medium.

Have any of you had any dealings with Search Marketing, LLC? Let me know how it went... This is definitely a poor way to do business. Thanks for reading everyone!




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Christopher I have not but greatly appreciate the review. they will not get my business.
Posted by Frank Rubi, (Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC) about 11 years ago
Frank - Your welcome. Thank you for commenting... I was curious if I would get any comments on this... Not really sure if Search Marketing, LLC is a popular company or not. Not sure if anyone here knows who they are... But I am not satisfied and will be switching up my platform soon. As I mentioned I may keep this one going just because it is already up and running and I do have a small readership on that blog... But I will be adding Wordpress to the website that I am launching on the 16th of May.
Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago