Virginia Beach Home Loans: Why Hilary Clinton Does Not Have All The Answers...

Why Hilary Clinton Does Not Have All The Answers...

We all already know that she has many faces depending on what the polls are saying.


 But she doesn't have all of the answers!

Have I got your attention?! Ok, good now listen up.

 Hilary's plan to "freeze interest rates" to avert a national catastrophe is a joke. We've all talked about how awful it is when the FED lowers the FED Funds rate and we get bombarded with people calling in telling us what they qualify for. They tell us that the rate just got cut and they should qualify for a better interest rate than I am telling them and they all seem to have some kind of idea about what they "know" that they can get.

 Of course it is a bunch of Hogwash ... the fact of the matter is that the FED Funds rate does not directly impact the interest rate on a 30 year (most common) fixed mortgage or any fixed mortgage for that matter. It does however have an impact on the interest rate on adjustable rate mortgages.

Hilary's Big plan!

To stop interest rates in their tracks thereby saving millions of Americans homes from foreclosure just doesn't make any sense for those of us who pay attention to the industry!

Sure she's using it to woo potential voters but the fact is that the FED Funds rate which directly corresponds with Adjustable Rate Mortgages has just been slashed to shreds over the past couple of months. The whole "interest rate freeze" is only going to be made available per her plan to those who are actually making their payments who have a certain credit rating that will justify the freeze. It will not apply to those who have obviously never made a payment on anything in their lives.

That means that the people who she plans to "Help" will already be benefiting from the FED's recent moves to slash the FED Funds rate thereby lowering the interest rate on their adjustable rate mortgages. The people who need the help are people who cannot afford to make their current payments which are now lower because of the FED's recent rate cuts and don't qualify for the freeze anyway.

Hilary obviously does not know what she is talking about... As for her Great Plan... It's nothing more than Grandstanding.

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Comment balloon 5 commentsChristopher Ohlsen • April 09 2008 12:57PM


Well said.
Posted by Steve Hirschler, Big Bear Real Estate (Keller Williams Big Bear) about 11 years ago

It amazes me how many people in this country think that she and Obama will be good for this country. The biggest benefit we have if either gets elected is that it will only last 4 years. They will either screw up and not get re-elected or they'll somehow manage not to screw up bad enough and then we'll suffer an additional 4 years.

Oh well.

Posted by Peter Nikic (Broad & Bailey Realty LLC) about 11 years ago
Excellent analysis. Politico-speak will ruin our country and unfortunately both parties engage in it. It's too bad someon can't get elected by telling the truth, no matter how distasteful it is.
Posted by Lisa Lambert, Esq. 1031 Exchange Expert (The Law Offices of Elisabeth A. Lambert) about 11 years ago

Hi Christopher,

I couldn't agree more.  Plus, just look at the track record that the entire Clinton family has.  The scandals, and more scandals.  The media was completely focused on the Senator from Idaho that was allegedly soliciting sex in a public bathroom, and completely ignored the fact that a Chinese National had illegally been funneling campaign contributions into the Clinton campaign.  Am I the only one that is worried that a Chinese national is in bed with Hilary's campaign?  And, why are we so focused on a potential sex scandal when we have something far more dangerous to the country right in front of our noses?  I just don't get it!

Posted by Bill Exeter, 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Expert (Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC) about 11 years ago

Steve - Thank you!

Peter - There is no question in my mind that Hilary will not bring to this country what we need to get out of this mess that we are in. She is not the right candidate for the country. However, I think that Obama may be able to do great things for this country. I am simply basing that on the fact that even in as heated a campaign as this is he has refrained from resorting to dirty tactics to get his message out there. Personally I would vote for Jesse Ventura if he decides to throw his hat in the ring as an independent.

Lisa - Absolutely... it is a shame that we as a nation are so afraid of the truth. There is so much going wrong with this country and much of it is being down played by politicians who are lying to stay in power.

Bill - Yeah, scandal after scandal. The Clintons are "politics as usual"... They say one thing and do another. I think that overall Bill did well as president aside from his constant mis-truths and side income... But the country did well during his presidency. That being said that does not mean that Hilary will do well. Also, if the country were in the shape that it is now when Bill took office it may not have handled his indiscresctions so well. One thing that is absolutely for sure is that we need change. I will be voting for Barack O'bama unless Jesse Ventura "enters the ring". I do like what McCain said about letting the housing crisis correct itself but I do not think that we can financially afford to stay in Iraq and still take care of things at home.

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago