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Title Matters

It's hard to find a title company that is both fast and responsive. My company has an affiliation with New York title out of Long Island (as of very recently). We send them a bit of business and there service is excellent. It does not matter if it takes me 9 days to get title back on a purchase transaction (in most cases) because I can order it right away and have it in plenty of time for the average purchase transaction (just got CTC in 5 days on one, but that will be another post).

I am not sure how all of you have been doing but this month has been insane for me. The first 2 weeks kind of dragged; business was slow. In the second half of the month I aquired another 7 loans (after the first 3) with only 2 weeks to try to get them all closed up. After that rush I got a couple more that I know will be "rollover" for next month.

One of the 7 that I aquired in the second half of the month is a refinance. Turntimes with many of the A paper lenders that I deal with is very slow because of the fact that they are some of the only lenders still doing a significant amount of business in all of this turmoil. As a result of these slow turntimes I decided to start submitting the package a couple of days before I expect the appraisal.

I just received the appraisal today on a package that I submitted 2 days ago; I submit my files pretty clean so the conditions were minimal. This lender in particular is one of the more service oriented wholesalers and they have excellent turn times even now (Homecomings Financial). I submitted all of my conditions today along with the appraisal. they usually take around 24 hours to review and sign off on conditions (depending on the UW team you get).

I ordered title yesterday through New York Title who as I mentioned above has excellent customer service. Their turntimes are another thing... I called today to find out when I will have title back; I was hoping to close by the 24th or 25th at the latest. They told me that at a minimum because of the location it will be 5 days on the search then another 3 to 4 days before I receive title... So at a very minimum I am looking at 8-9 days before I can submit title then another 24 hours before I can set the deal to close. In my opinion a properly executed refinance transaction should not take more than 10 days from start to finish (typically).

I have been recieving emails lately from Tru Close who boast about having very quick turntimes, excellent customer service, and quality work. I have never worked with them so I decided to give them a shot; I am trying to get this file closed quick and I can't imagine that they will take any more than 9 days to get me what I need, and if they turn out moving fast...BONUS!

I called up Tru Close and asked them a few questions about turntimes and about their services. They gave me encouraging news... They said that they can have the search back in 24 hours and have title to me within 48 - 72 hours. After getting the good news I asked for the fax number so that I could send the title request over. I was giving the fax number and also informed that they have a very simple form on their website that I can go to in order to submit the title request right online.

I went to the website and could not believe hour user friendly the set up is. They get points in my book right away for that. I sent the request via the web and waited about 3 minutes before calling to confirm that they recieved. When I called I was connected with John; the first person whom I spoke with. By the time I called they already had someone looking at it and getting the paperwork together for me.

I will report back on their turntimes, but so far their service has been stellar. Now if they can get me this title in the timeframes that they quoted me I will be a raving fan and I will be sending most of my business (all refi's and any purchase not within my attorney contacts local market area) to them. I will be recomending them to any attorney that I work with outside of my immediate market area.

Now I am curious if any of you have used this company before and if you have what has your experience been. Thanks for reading and as I mentioned above, this is a topic that I will be coming back to with an update.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Title companies sound very slow in NY. The title company I use in Florida, Turnkey Title,  usually gets me the title the same day I order it, next day at the latest. I realize they provide excellent service which is why I'm not going anywhere.
Posted by Sandra Sheely (1st Financial Mortgage, Inc.) about 11 years ago

Sandra - Yeah, title companies in NY are pretty slow most of the time. Though I would like to provide an update on this comapny. Almost immediately after writing this post I recieved several calls from Tru Close. The first call was from the original rep who first contacted me. He just called to thank me for my business and to let me know that I will have title tomorrow. The second call was from one of the leaders of the title department and he called me to let me know that the search has been ordered and that I should receive it by tomorrow. The third call was to confirm my email address. I am expecting to receive title by tomorrow, but even if it comes in on Monday I will be pleased. I am 100% happy with this companies service thus far. I think that it is worth noting that this company while they serve the entire country is located in NJ and not NY. I think that is worth mentioning because you are right about title companies in NY, at least it has been my experience that most of them are slow and require prompting. Thank you fror your comment.

Still curious though, have any of you used Tru Close before?

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago
Just want to come back and give those of you who are interested some feedback with regard to my experience with Tru-Close. Very good title company, they are fast and client oriented. They definitely work to please and I will use them again. Lately however another title company has been able to come through with the 24 hour titles that i require if I am going to be doing business with them. It just happens to be the title company that I had been using for refi's a while ago. They could not do it in 24 hours before, but when I told them that the reason I am going to tru-close they said they can do the same thing. They aer local which makes it easy to deal with them. I sent them a couple of files to see if they were telling the truth, so far they have folowed through and had title back to me in 24 hours... I think they realized that I have options and decided to give me title when I need it (yesterday:) to keep my business. In any event I am sure that I will send mroe business to Tru-Close and if you are thinking of using them, I highly recomend them.
Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 11 years ago