Virginia Beach Home Loans: Referral Ping Pong

Referral Ping Pong

I received a referral from Kathy Bennett of Re/Max North Country a few days ago. I am working on the loan file now and it is a go. A couple of days later I had the opportunity to send someone her way. Then I had another opportunity to recomend her and I did. This morning I received a call from someone whom Kathy had referred to me. If you need property in or around Plattsburgh, NY go to Kathy Bennett. She is the best in the area!

John Murphy of North Country Realty is a great guy to work with. He is never pushy and always considerate and conscientious of his clients. He is my Malone connection and should be yours too. John sends me referrals quite often and I do my best to get his clients qualified. If they cannot be qualified I call him up and let him know and I give him the reasons. If you are looking to purchase property in or around the Malone, NY area I highly recomend John Murphy. He is the best in the area.

Doug Yando of Langlois Yando Realty is another great resource in the Malone area. I was working with one of Doug's agents recently on a transaction. I wrote about this transaction on this forum as it was very difficult to get to a closing. The seller kept backing out at the last minute and it was a very frustratiing situation for everyone involved. Finally after being served papers indicating that he was being sued for specific performance and consulting with a litigation attorney (who told him he had no case) he decided to finally accept the fact that he is to close or face expensive consequences. We are on for the 29th which is the last day before the loan becomes null and void after 3 rate lock extensions. This time we had the seller sign everything in advance so that he cannot slip out the back or stand us up at closing (again). Doug gave me a call yesterday sounding somewhat concerned. He informed me that the seller is trying to stiff him on the commission that is due his company. He asked me if there is anything that I can do to help. Well, our attorney is doing the disbursements so I asked Doug to fax me the bill. I faxed the bill up to our attorney and asked them to make sure that the check gets cut. Our attorney assured me that the check will be cut and sent to Doug. I called Doug and let him know the good news. He was very thankful; he said "I owe you one... or two... or three... Hey we'll try to get something going your way... Thank you!" I just got Doug signed onto the system to help him promote his properties.


I wrote a blog just before this one about how difficult the month has been. I believe that A big part of what made it so difficult for me is that I focused less on my own personal marketing and I wasted a lot of time chasing down internet leads that don't pay to chase down. Most people submitting inquiries on the web are looking to be told what they want to hear. I've heard it all! "I have a 6% rate on my first and an 8% on my second, my home is worth $160,000.00 and I owe $155,000.00. I want to combine the two at 5.5% interest rate or lower and little or no closing costs". This is not a specific scenario that I am referencing, but the undertone to many of the conversations that I had with people who inquired on the internet with one of those lending tree clone lead gen. companies was the same. "I want an unrealistic loan that can't be done and I want it at the best rate and term anywhere on the planet".

I have done less business and made less money this month working these internet leads and I am grateful that the deposit on our account for the leads is just about spent. I've heard many of you say that referral is the way to go. This month I truly put that to the test, and guess what... Ya'll are right! it is a waste of time to chase down the uneducated easily impressionable consumer bent on media mumbo jumbo that unbeknownst to them does not mean anything to their unique situation.

I will stick with referral business exclusively from here on out.

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I'm working on a Business Partner Network!  I'm glad I read this.  Now I know it's going to work!
Posted by D. Bass, Blog: Ask The Underwriter (Ask The Underwriter) over 11 years ago
D. Bass - Thank you for reading. What kind of a busniess network are you working on creating? Let me know, I may be interested in joining.
Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) over 11 years ago