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We all strive to bring something to the table that is not already there. We all have a similar skill set, policies, and procedures but there are some things that each of us can do to bring a certain unique feel to our own personal business approach.

Since my companies investment and my own personal investment in leads I feel like consumers generally see us as "all the same". So I recently began thinking about what makes me different.

For one I don't just quote rates. When a person gets me on the phone and starts asking me what the rate "is" that is a very difficult question to answer (more difficult than you'd think). Whats makes that questions so difficult to answer is that the question assumes that there is a "going" rate.

Rates change on an hour to hour basis. The more volatility present in the markets the more often we will see mid day re-pricing.

For me its not a question about "what's the rate" its more a question of what rate can I get you. I know that the two answers may seem similar at first glance, but they are not. I watch every bit of economic data that is released on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I watch the stock markets and the bond market on an hourly basis. I pay close attention to trends taking place in the markets and I advise accordingly.

I will begin working on a loan file without locking if I know based on economic indicators that something key is going to take place in the week that will most likely cause mortgage rates to dip. Also if there aer indicating factors present that suggest that rates will rise I will advise accordingly and lock the loan.

What makes me different is that I am not just here to make a commission. I am not going to advise that one of my clients make a move that is not in their best interest just because I want "to get it in for the month".

What makes me different is that I will watch the markets closely with my clients best interest in mind and get them the best deal that I possibly can.

What makes me differentis that I disclose everything up front and my fee does not change.

What makes me different is that I hold myself legally and financially accountable (in writing/Notarized).

What makes me differentis that I give quick answers. I don't sugar coat anything for anyone. I know a lot of LO's who out of fear of the "Realtor" or real estate sales person avoid having a conversation that needs to be had. If a referral is sent to me and the person is not approved I call up the referral source and let them know right away that the deal can't be done.

what makes me different is that when I have a person referred to me who is incapable of obtaining financing, I let them know what they need to do in order to improve their situation and I make myself available on my off time to assist them in getting what needs to be done done so that they can improve their situation, free up some cash, and ultimately qualify for home financing. I help people realize their dreams!

Christopher Ohlsen

37 Boynton Ave

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