Virginia Beach Home Loans: Associations... Can we be friends?

Associations... Can we be friends?

I love AR and the community. You guys aer great, and I love the platform. Whether it be through referrals or advice AR has helped me improve my business and my practices. I have gotten many great and inspiring ideas from many of you!

My thanks go out to all of you!

What I would like to know though is how to get more associations. I am just not sure how the whole asscoiation thing works. I currently have 11 associates but I have associated myself with many more people than that.

I understand that there may be some sort of action required from intended associate, such as accepting my association request. The thing that I have noticed that has really confused me is that out of the 11 associates that I have a couple of them just added tehmselves to my list without any action on my part.

Larry Ellis for instance is a great appraiser. I have done business with him once before and we are working together again right now (he is seeing a home for me tomorrow). Larry added me and without any participation on my end her is now my associate.

This has happened on 2 occasions and I am at a loss. It seems that I cannot just add anyone that I want to. Please fill me in on the association puzzle... Thanks!

Christopher Ohlsen

37 Boynton Ave

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