Virginia Beach Home Loans: Win Win Win ... Hey what can I say?

Win Win Win ... Hey what can I say?

I had a couple come into my office today terribly upset at the conduct of the seller. When these people came into my office they told me "Chris, do whatever it takes to get us approved for this mortgage". Their qualifications were lacking but I put the extra effort and got them approved.

I am not going to get into specifics here due to the delicate nature of what my clients were upset about but I will say that they are absolutely justified in being upset. I will also say that while they have upheld every bit of their obligations regarding the transaction the seller has not.

This is why this business can be so frustrating. I worked hard as hell on this loan because of the lack of qualifications. I always put 110% effort into all of my transactions, this one took 120%. I have actually been restricting what I will do and I've talked about it a little bit here. No one wants to kick a dead horse which in this business is much like working on files that don't have a chance of making it.

This one was somewhat iffy from the start. Luckily I recognized my clients concerns and intervened. I got the seller on the phone and let him know that this deal is going to die unless he makes some changes to the structure of the transaction.

He was surprisingly easy going about the whole thing. He did not mind make making those changes at all once he understood how upset my clients were. I explained the situation to him and we made the fixes that made both sides happy. I should also mention that I do not think that the seller was trying to get over on the buyer's at any time. I just think that the seller was inexperienced with this sort of a transaction and made a few mistakes along the way.

Now I am just waiting on the HOI paid receipt and title and we are good to go. I really love it when things really look like they are impossible and there ends up being a very easy solution in where everyone wins!

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Congratulations. Hard work is at a higher premium than ever in this market.
Posted by Israel Barden (RE/MAX Big Bear Village) over 11 years ago
Well done. Where was the buyers' agent during all this, or don't they have one? Getting deals to work through negotiation is something we do often.
Posted by Rosario Lewis, GRI, SRES - DDR Realty - Orange County, NY (DDR Realty) over 11 years ago

Israel - Thank you. I agree that hard work is at a premium right now. Many people whom I know in the industry can barely survive right now let alone make a lucrative income. What will make the difference going forward is the willingness to work hard for our clients.

Rosario - Thank you as well. This transaction stemmed from a lease option that was not executed properly. The transaction was solely between the seller and the buyer. Originally we were going to go according to the parameters of the lease option. Because the lease option was not executed properly I had to write a new contract that appealed to and made both sides happy. Now the deal is just about done. I should have title today and a closing mid to late next week. Are you primarily a buyers agent?

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) over 11 years ago