Virginia Beach Home Loans: Give me back my lunch!

Give me back my lunch!

Man-O-Man. I am working on a couple of deals hat are taking up a lot of my time. My clients are important to me so I will see them through. At times I just want to walk away from certain issues on files but I know that I can't. I can't start a project and not finish, that just wouldn't be right.

I wrote a previous post talking about how I am going to be more selective. I am certain now that that is the answer. I do not want to find myself in the position in where I am scraping just to get my loans closed. I got the job done this month, but just barely.

My loans all closed but I made less money and worked harder than I have in a long time. Whats funny to me though is that the people who are least qualified to borrow money are usually the most demanding.

I often times find that the people who are very well qualified are also the people who recognize that I need to be paid fairly for the services rendered.

On the other side of the coin it seems that people whom I am trying to help because no-one else can or will try to wrestle fee from my loans and food from my mouth.

 It really is amazing to me when people want to negotiate my fee when my fee is already rock bottom just to get the deal done. It's just ironic to me because the deals that are the hardest to do most typically pay the least. The irony is that some one who is just barely qualified who can barely get financing is not in position to decide what I do or do not charge especially when I am giving them the deal of their life. Most people do not want the headaches of dealing with people who are harder to deal with for less money.

I certainly will not start a deal and not finish it but as I mentioned before I will be restricting the deals that I actually accept. I can see the curve and I plan to stay in front of it.

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