Virginia Beach Home Loans: Thanks for all the help

Thanks for all the help

I started blogging a couple of weeks ago. Its been a lot of fun once I got over the stage feeling of stage fright that I felt when I posted my first blog. It's strange that the feeling is so common with Bloggers. Now I am far from a pro-blogger, but I am certainly motivated to become a top blogger in the nation. My question however is; What does blogging do for your business. I have heard that it does amazing things. I have heard that business increases many times over when you begin to blog. I know that it increases exposure which of course will lead to more business. However even if I do not get more business from blogging I am having a beneficial experience here on AR. I have read dozens of posts so far that have shed new light and perspective on many topics that are of great importance to me in this industry. Even if I didn't believe that blogging would increase the leads that I have coming into my office, I do believe that knowledge is everything in this business. What I feel is truly beneficial to me is the community atmosphere. The opportunity to engage in great discussion concerning each and every one of us on a daily basis is really what is drawing me back here every day. I love posting a blog about a difficult situation or a scenario that I could use a little extra help on and receiving comments packed full of great advice.

Just this morning I posted something that I was dealing with that was difficult and less than 10 minutes later someone left a comment on my blog with a bit of advice. I followed his advice, it checked out, and I was able to make one of my current clients very happy.

This is a great community. I was told as much by the person who referred me to the community, but now being here and realizing all of the great support that every one gives to each other; I am very happy that I joined.

Aside from maximizing your web presence, Active-rain contains a wealth of knowledge from highly skilled professionals across the nation.

Thanks for all of the help everyone. Have a great weekend!!


Christopher Ohlsen

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Comment balloon 3 commentsChristopher Ohlsen • September 21 2007 11:36AM


A/R is a great site with a lot of very smart and sharing people...and there's a fair amount of "nothing" as well...just gotta sift through it carefully.  And on the business side of things, I'm an attorney and I get referrals from this site regularly...I don't even sell real estate and I love A/R!!
Posted by Jason Romrell (Business Attorney and Success Advisor) about 10 years ago


I bet you didn't realize that you just plugged in to a huge network of support when you joined AR. It's not just about the marketing opportunities. There is a wealth of information and support to be had here.

Posted by Andrew Trevino, Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale (ADT Real Estate) about 10 years ago

Jason - I have run into some pretty wild posts that don't really pertain to anything, and some great posts. The same is true with all of these netowrking sites, but I have been able to extract the most useful information out of this networking site. That is great that you are getting referrals from AR, I see the business potential here and I am happy to be a part of it.

 Andrew - Not at first. I orginally joined wannanetwork. Blogging really seemed like a great way to "get my name out there". But I don't like the interface of WN nearly as much and the community is no where near as robust. This is a great sharing community.

Posted by Christopher Ohlsen (Credit Werx, LLC.) about 10 years ago