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Stop Posting Your Listings On Your Blog ...It Looks So Tacky...


 Or Does It?...

I have read a couple of other peoples posts that reflect on whether or not it is a good practise to post Property listings on a blog... I wasn't sure for a while and I posted several of the Listings that I have on the web which are part of a Co-Marketing campaign that I run to this blog.

I personally did not like the way my blog read. It seems tactless and spammy with a bunch of listings between my actual content. I was receiving a lot of phone calls on the properties that I have listed on the web from other advertising sources and so I decided that for the better I would discontinue the practise of posting my listings on my AR blog.

But what about all of my property listings on

Many of the call ins that I receive as a result of my online marketing efforts are through the utilization of a wide spread targeted marketing campaign designed to harness the power of free web based classified ad sites. The host of sites that I use include;,,,, and many more.

The bulk of my incoming calls from the web come from the more popular sites like and However I also received many calls from people referencing properties listed on the Active Rain and Localism Networks.

The Phone Calls Dropped Off...

In many of the posts that I have read in where people question whether or not they should use their blog as a vessel of advertising their property listings the general consensus amongst most Realtors is a resounding "NO! It's not ok to post your listings on your blog!"

The beauty of posting on Active Rain is that with the click of a mouse button you can also instantly post to (another wildly popular real estate professional network).

I obviously want readers to flock to my blog so I took the advice of the AR community and stopped the ads. What I noticed next is that the number of interested prospective buyers for the listings that I am diligently advertising decreased.

Isn't one of the points of blogging to get more business!?

There are many and I mean many reasons to get behind to keyboard and blast off some useful data into the blogosphere. It's great to give and receive useful information that can enhance our business and the business of others. It is great to hook up with new contacts whom you are compatible with and share a rich referral relationship.

It's amazing to google yourself or your targeted keywords and see yourself consistently pop up on the front page of google. Mike Jones or Tuscon Mike as he likes to go by wrote a wonderful article on the power of tags and self branding.

When I was actively posting listings on my blog here at Active Rain and I was receiving more call ins on listed properties and as a result more business as a direct result of my activities here on the Active Rain Network.

I see posts all the time asking about whether or not it is possible to get business from Active Rain. The common answer is Yes!

I wonder then; why is it poor blog etiquette to post property listings on the blog...? I thought about this for a while. As I mentioned above I don't particularly like the way that a property listing sits in with the rest of my blog. I mentioned that it looks spammy, which I'm sure is why everyone recommends against it.

Who wants to read a blog when first you have to wade through property listings that hold no interest for you?

A Rainmaker Solution!

I really pondered this because while I want to make my blog readable and compelling as possible I also do not want to miss out on the influx of phone calls that I have been able to produce via the high search engine optimization that Active Rain and networks possess.

I recently began seriously considering foregoing blog etiquette all together and resuming my property listing drenched style of blogging. I could not decide on what to do. I thought maybe someone else would have an idea so I began pouring through blog posts on various AR groups here on the network.
I found quite a few interesting posts on the subject.

Then I found the answer... It was not a particular blog but rather the group itself that gave me the answer. I found a way that I can benefit from the added exposure that I can generate with this enriched network while maintaining the readability and credibility of my blog.

Listings By Address.

is the name of the group, and what a great idea. The rules for posting to this group are that among other things the name of the post must be the address of the property. The post cannot be postlets or another other templated (like I use to use for this site) promotional type ad. Instead that ad must be in blog format.

I think that this is such a great idea. This simple change in promotional content will allow me to resume my usage of Active Rain as a vessel to improve and increase my business while keeping a good blog, allowing my reader base to continue to enjoy my blogs, and in addition I am arming myself with another tool  to add to my Realtor Marketing Campaign arsenal.

Isn't this so much better?

So as an example one of the ways that I would write a blog about a property is this:

47 River Rd. Johnsburgh, NY 12843.

Nicely Updated Cabin with New Cedar Shake SidingUpdated Cedar Shake  Siding. Features Appliances and Ceiling Fan(s) French Door's W/Well Lit Door Way Brand New Hardwood Floors



Newly renovated 3 bedroom ranch with beautiful rustic finishings. Conveniently located only 10 minutes to Gore Mountain Ski Area and 5 minutes to Hudson River in Riparius. Appliances and wood-stove have never been used.

This property truly is a rare gem. The location is amazing and the home is updated and cozy. A real must see to believe. For complete property details visit http://47riverroad.view24hours.comor simply text eprop 8943 to 41411 from your mobile phone.

And then I would write some particular things that I know about the area (if anything) or a tidbit about the property, maby some information that I obtained through my Realtor partner.

There are many ways that I can imagine presenting this type of promotional blogging. I really think that it makes for a good blog as it educates about particular real estate markets and areas accross this great country of ours while creating the exposure that we all love.

You can be creative;

Your listing doesn't have to look exactly like this. This is just an example of how you can incorporate property listings into your blog while keeping your blog a blog and not just a big fat obnoxious solicitation.

I'd be happy to see if any of you are doing anything similar to this. I welcome any ideas, especially ideas on how to enhance listings while maintaining a rich blog. I like the idea of combining a rich blog with a property listing. I hope that you've all enjoyed reading... Now I just have to think up a schnazzy title to get you all to read:)

 Farewell for now ...And in Case you missed it the last time I said it "Lets's Make it A Great 2008! Yes?


Ps: I will post some of my listings to Listings By Address, but not this one. This one I want to post to more than just that group and I don't want to name this post by the address as it is more a description of a discovery of useage for the site and not so much a property listing per say (r exclusively) although the property listing above is a real listing presented by Darleen March of Adirondack Country Homes Realty covering the Entire Adirondack Park in conjuntion with myself. The listing above is a great cabin and that is also why I am posting this blog to localism as well. The text messaging feature referenced above as well as the complete property website with full details is up and functional.


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