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Who's on the web anyway?Google knows!

Turns out...

Just about everyone is on the web today and those who are not should be. I remember a few years back when the big Dot Com Bubble apparently burst. Now look at the web, it is booming.

When things grow too quickly the side affect is that they are unstable. As a matter of fact instability is as at the forefront of a market that grows too quickly to maintain current levels for long periods of time. Slow and steady growth can maintain itself because as things age and grow there are new waves of revenue.

Damn Mortgage Brokers...

Just kidding... But it is true that us brokers are taking much of the heat for the most recent debacles and disturbances in the mortgage business. The truth however is not exactly the way that it is being painted in the media.

Sure there were a large number of predatory lenders, but the market was there to support it. I know first hand from my dealings with Underwriters over the years that during the Refi-Boom that they barely looked at the paper that was Flying across their desk's.

Nobody blamed the nerds...

Again I'm kidding, but I am attempting in jest to make a serious and legitimate point. The Internet blew up in everyones face, many Dot Com Start ups got blown out of the water, billions of dollars were lost.

Look around at the Dot Com's today! They are springing up all over the place and the Netconomy is booming! I had a conversation with a Realtor Partner of mine Jack Fleury ( and he tells me that the Internet is what is selling his properties right now. My point is that the internet has Come back in a huge way...and in a real sense it was never ever gone, it grew too big too fast and it needed to readjust itself.

We all need a place to live...

And preferably the majority of us prefer to own our own homes. Just like the Internet the demand for flexible loan products was there as a result the market grew too big too fast!

We are in exactly the same situation with real estate that we were in a few years ago with the Dot Com's. Just like then there will be many many people who will prosper and grow from the ground floor as the market adjusts and weeds out all of the weasels!

So, Who's on the web anyway?...

Well, for starters you should be on the web! If you're not plastered all over the web get to work! There is money to be made on the web!

It doesn't really matter to me how tough the market gets. I don't limit my business to my immediate area and my immediate area does not dictate where I advertise. Of course I advertise locally, but I also advertise nationally... I mean think about it I am in the Adirondacks! Where many people relocate for their retirement in one of those Gorgeous Adirondack Homes or buy a Lake Front Getaway!

Real Estate is Local Guys and Gals...

So it doesn't really matter what is going on in your market! I know that is a bold statement but I truly believe that creative individuals like you and I can come up with creative ways to find the niche in our market. Real estate balances itself and as a result while some segments of the market are dwindling other segments are thriving.

If no one is buying Residential focus in on commercial and if no one is buying commercial or residential focus on seasonal etc...

So Go Ahead and see how much is being said about you on the web! <!-- SiteSearch Google --> <form action="" method="get" target="_top">

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Who's on the web anyway? Google knows!
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